April 06, 2007

Correct me if I'm wrong,

but I found the host on the radio station, NJ 101.5, to be extremely rude to one of his callers today at approximately 1:50 pm (today is 04/06/07). I never listen to that station, but the discussion mentioned school buses & DYFS and caught my attention as I went around the dial.
It seems the host, Dennis, wasn't content to disagree w/ his caller, but also had to insult the man by saying that the caller "had his head so far up his a$$ there was an echo in his kidneys" HELLO? When did that become normal conversation on the radio? Why does society tolorate that on the airwaves? I don't want my kids hearing that on a regular basis.

I have a hard time believing that kind of launguage is considered acceptable on talk radio. I definitely won't bother tuning in to 101.5 again and am not proud that they call themelves NJ's radio station. Personally, I prefer the information and banter on NPR.


April 05, 2007

Mr. Tiger goes to Washington