June 29, 2006

blogging from the Blue Ridge Mts.

That's right! The women and I have packed up and gone to Virginia. We're currently camping off of Skyland Drive up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's about 3800 feet above sea level? It is absolutely beautiful and the views off of Skyland Drive are awesome. You can look down onto the Shannadoah Valley and see for miles. Well, that is if the fog/clouds are not in the way or if it isn't raining.

Thankfully we missed the torrential downpour in Washington DC that managed to flood streets and sweep cars off the road. But we still had to setup our tents in the rain!! There not much worse about camping than starting out w/ your stuff already wet.

Deer!!!! OMG, the deer just stroll past the campsite and are not afraid. We saw lots of deer the first two days, just about 30 to 40 feet away. Couple of the young male deers had their antlers covered with fuzz and we saw a mother deer with two fawns following close behind. The kids just loved seeing the deer up close.

More stories to come.

June 25, 2006


The home team advantage certainly helped earlier as the German fans cheered on die Mannschaft in today's Germany vs Sweden world cup match. We were impressed with the teamwork on the German team. Their control of the game in the opening minutes was nice to watch.

The duo of Miroslav Klose (wearing Swedish jersey after game) and Lukas Podolski combined their talent to give Deutschland the win. Lukas scored both goals

June 14, 2006


I've got two words for you ...woot.com.
(No, the period doesn't count as a word.)

This site just made me go ‘wow’ when my wife show it to me. Especially when reading the WhatIsWoot page. What a perfect way to run a business. I also liked their description of yesterday's product. It just happens to get chuckle out of me.

Straight Line Laser Level 2-Pack

PRODUCT INFO:Alignment: Neutral Good

Why are we still fighting wars and shooting down alien spacecraft with boring old bullets and missiles? Exploding gunpowder is so Industrial Revolution. Check the calendar, Military-Industrial Complex: it's 2006. We coulda sworn we’d be using lasers for that kind of stuff by now, the kind that shoot bright dayglo bolts and make a cool zapping sound even in the airless void of outer space. Or at least using them to fill our enemies’ homes with delicious, suffocating popcorn, a la Real Genius. Instead, you guys keep thinking up new ways to make lasers boring, like curing astigmatics and erasing tattoos and now, wonder of wonders, lining up picture frames.

Yes, today’s lucky purchasers will receive two of these Laser Straight levels, but don’t plan any light-saber battles or raygun shootouts. The most they’ll do is project a perfectly straight 50-foot line, rendering that bulky old metal level of yours obsolete except perhaps as a crude weapon of last resort. Whether you’re hanging shelves, posters, curtain rods, or towel bars, the Laser Straight level will impose a level of order and unity that will satisfy even your most obsessive compulsions. No, you may not be able to bring your enemies to their knees with an awesome display of lethal laser power, but you can awe them with your flawlessly aligned towel bars.

Warranty: 1 year