January 31, 2006

holy flying furball, Batman!

You just HAFTA go see this short video called The Flying Cat. I promise you it's not rude or disgusting.....just kinda amazing.

Just a reminder, folks: this is an actual, professional feline. Please don't feel compelled to try this at home...unless you're the actual cat.

January 20, 2006

it's all Bush's fault.......NOT!

OK, see it's his fault I've neglected my blog and not posted yet this year. Never mind that the first 19 days of this year have been really hectic and packed with all kinds of projects. Never mind that I have absolutely no evidence AT all. I could try to be like those idiots at the ACLU who have sued the NSA for invasion of privacy or some something else along that vein. I could get rich from the lawsuit and never have to work again and be able to blog all day long and THWACK!!