January 17, 2013

I am

I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White

March 20, 2012

back when I was kid.....

..we walked to school both ways and had to get up off the sofa to change the channel on the TV. Yeah, and I had this...this thing called a 'blog'.

ok, so I don't really have a blog if I don't post anything for say 14 months. Though it is nice to know Surrounded by Women still exists in cyberspace.

December 09, 2010

counting down.

let's see...5 days til I get my car. 8 days til company arrives. 12 days til vacation. AND 16 days til CHRISTMAS!!!

April 08, 2010

and in the Eleventh Hour....

...we have a new Doctor. AND, he's brilliant. Everything was brilliant: casting, storyline, plot resolution, and 'hidden' clues to boot.

If you haven't yet watched - GO! NOW! And find it somewhere on the web.

As for reviews of the first episode, I liked the following paragraph in Wikipedia:

Sinclair McKay, for the Mail on Sunday, said: 'The moment the Tardis crash-lands in an English country garden... Smith faces down any doubters with aplomb.' He also added: 'Smith might turn out to be one of the best Time Lords of the lot.' [14] Benji Wilson, for The Telegraph, wrote 'It was ridiculous but it felt right: mad, alien, brand new but very old. A+ to the casting director. A+ to Smith.' [15] Matthew Bell, in the Observer, said: 'From the moment he appeared, dangling from the doorway of his time machine, the new boy demonstrated that he can more than fill the shoes of his predecessor.' 'Matt Smith fights aliens. He wears tweed. He loves custard. He is the Doctor. And he might be more the Doctor than anyone who was the Doctor before.' Roland White for The Times wrote: 'The previous doctor, David Tennant, smouldered his way across the space-time continuum. Smith is more of a geek-chic Time Lord... Smith is a much more quixotic, light-hearted Doctor than Tennant, who seemed to carry the cares of the universe on his shoulders.'[16]

November 10, 2009

and the Wall came tumbling down.

No, it didn't quite tumble to bits overnight, but it was the amazing and unbelievable start 20 years ago to the reunification of city and of country.
I remember where I was that night 20 years ago and the OMG feeling of seeing this unfold on the TV.

I doubt I'll ever forget.

September 14, 2009

go fetch!


June 20, 2009

Sen. Boxer-meets-dr-evil"

The comparison is just overwhelming... hahahah. People's true nature always seems to bleed through to the surface.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin